Tree Moving Services

C Lazy T Tree Movers can transplant on-site trees or haul trees to new locations. Our ability to transplant ranges from 2’ to 30’ tall trees, with multiple options for moving several trees at once due to our variety of equipment.

1)  We have a 33” tree spade mounted on a skid steer which can transplant up to 3” caliper trees, usually ranging from 2’ to 6’ in height.  This spade is normally used if you have a minimum of 5 small trees to transplant.  This can be cost prohibitive for smaller quantities unless the trees are very valuable or for sentimental reasons.

2)  We have a 55” truck mounted tree spade that transplants up to 5½” caliper or 8’ to 12’ tall evergreens and up to a 4” caliper deciduous trees.  Our 3-pod trailer also gives us the capacity to haul 4 trees at one time with this truck.

3)  We have two 65” truck mounted tree spades that transplant up to 7½” caliper or 12’ to 16’ tall evergreens and up to 6” caliper deciduous trees. These trucks also haul two 2-pod trailers to give us the capacity to haul 6 trees at a time if using both machines.

4)  We have a 90” truck mounted tree spade that transplants up to 12” caliper or 16’ to 30’ tall evergreens and up to 10” caliper deciduous trees.  This set up utilizes a 1-pod trailer which gives us the capacity to haul two very large trees at one time.

5)  We also have "tree zippers," also known as tree tying machines, which enable us to tie and transplant your trees with minimal damage. These machines provide us the ability successfully haul without impairing vision or exceeding height restrictions - allowing more flexibility in where we can haul and deliver to.  These machines save man hours and make us more efficient.

Bidding Jobs
There are several factors to consider in any bid. At C Lazy T we take into consideration the terrain, type of soil, length of travel, accessibility, quantity of trees, dryness and a variety of other factors that may impact our transplanting abilities.

Our standard policy is to conduct on-site bids free of charge. However, jobsite location and/or rush bids can require a bidding fee.  We can provide verbal bids over the phone, but accuracy is always subject to an on-site inspection of the job.


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